"This is a wonderful way to embrace the beliefs of all. I love it!!! I have always wanted a way to express my acceptance and respect of others' beliefs in the higher power. When I saw this, I knew I had found a way."




"This necklace is one of the more meaningful purchases I have enjoyed receiving and wearing and have ordered several as gifts. The detail is exquisite and truly delightful to behold. When I wear it, I feel very connected to the world. Its multi-images speak of tolerance and acceptance of all faiths."




"There couldn't be a more perfect expression of love and compassion. I was so pleased to receive this pendant."




"This pendant represents everything I believe. It is time to stop fighting and look for our commonality in all of these places. It is a well-done, beautiful pendant."




"My reaction to this piece upon seeing it for the first time was Wow! I love the sentiment of it and the quote that is listed inside the little card that came with it."




"It is about time that something has come out that has all the symbols of the different religions because as they are all a bit different, they are all very much the same. We are all in this world together. It is time to see how we are all so much alike and come together. The "peace" is beautiful."




"Oh how I wish the world would follow the one true path this pendant represents. It has been a conversation piece every time I wear it. Everyone wants to know what each symbol means and are impressed that a pendant like this exists and that people are wearing it with pride."




"I just received the pendant today and I love it! I have friends and co-workers of various faiths and had been looking for something that would express my belief that people are people, no matter their religious beliefs, race or cultural influences. We need to put aside any perceived differences and work together for the betterment of mankind and Mother Earth."




"This is a beautifully detailed piece with crisp, clear symbols. I wear mine every day to express my belief that all faiths contain some of the "truth" and none contain all of it. This is a beautiful statement about diversity and unification."


Silver Jo


"I have studied religions for many years and have always felt there were many paths to the same place. My faith is ever evolving and I have borrowed and learned from each of these religions and was so happy to see them symbolized all together so perfectly."