Many Paths ©

All paths are empty until we walk them.

When we believe that ours is the only faith that contains the truth, violence
and suffering will surely be the result.

Any path is the correct path provided it is walked in peace.

The creation of Many Paths was borne from a desire to express my belief that one's highest spiritual realization can be attained by traveling along any number of paths. The journey always begins at the center, from within ourselves, where the circle expresses oneness, wholeness and unity and from where all spirituality is derived. We then search our hearts for the path that touches us most deeply and which carries us one step closer to our own personal spiritual fulfillment.

We live in very challenging times and the need for global harmony and unification has never been more apparent. This goal is most certainly not unattainable and one we must move towards. If we loosen our grip on the aversions we feel toward beliefs other than our own, we would witness this occurrence most naturally. We might then appreciate our neighbor's views and faith and, what's more, we might begin to witness vast similarities in our morals and tenets. Perhaps the chasm is not so great after all. The fundamental issue is our insistence that there exists only one trail to the peak. Only one road that leads to peace, enlightenment and salvation. I suggest we take one another's hand and begin a most significant and rewarding journey. Along the way, and particularly when we arrive at that apex, let’s agree to embrace and respect each other's right to have chosen a specific path which unveiled our own spiritual enlightenment. For surely we recognize that even when we share the same route, we lay witness to very different vistas and experience various individual thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

At each and every moment we possess the capability to achieve humankind's greatest objective. We are, at this very point in time, poised at the precipice of realizing that this is what we were created to do! This is, in fact, our purpose. I hope this pendant can be a shining example of a commitment to, and recognition of, our interconnectedness.