Embrace ©

Embrace…Because our essence cannot be defined by, nor limited to, our physical body.

Embrace…Because regardless of our gender, sexuality or any other physical reference, we love deeply.

Embrace…Because the most important connection we make is not finite, but lasts eternally.

Embrace was created to celebrate the coming together of two souls. For all to rejoice in their ability to "go beyond the body." To show others that what connects us is not merely a physical or emotional experience limited to specific earthly characteristics, but in fact a much deeper recognition of the beautiful light that humankind possesses. As sentient beings it is both a challenge and a wondrous gift to achieve this bond regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religious affiliation or any other attachments we possess. We are so much more than that.

Sometimes it seems so obvious that we can attain life's greatest reward when we learn to look past the senses, exposing the true self. It is only at this level that authentic love and genuine connection can be achieved. Our world is wondrous and filled with so many things to please the ears and eyes. We have all touched someone's hand and experienced a feeling incredibly difficult to put into words. However, when we are open to it, when we have honed the skills enabling us to do so, we can touch each other in a way never before believed possible. This is the pinnacle of humanity. The summit of an emotional journey that fills our systems with a gift of deep connection. Once experienced, all other bonds pale by comparison. It is here we realize that there truly are no physical boundaries, no corporeal perimeters. Once the attachment to self is cleared away, the adherence to the finite body is released and the film that covers our soul is removed, an environment where true love takes place is revealed. Let us not merely accept these facts, but embrace them.